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Srinagar, capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern India, it lies on the banks of Jhelum river – a tributary to Indus. The city is most famous for its lakes, gardens and Houseboats on Dal and Nageen Lake.

It is believed that the present day Srinagar was founded by the King Pravarasena II over 2,000 years ago and had named it Parvasenpur. However, the city has a long history dating back at least to the 3rd century BC. The city was then a part of the Maurya Empire, one of the largest empires of the Indian subcontinent. Emperor Ashoka introduced Buddhism to the Kashmir valley, and the adjoining regions around the city became a centre of Buddhism. In the 1st century, the region was under the control of Kushans and several rulers of this dynasty strengthened the Buddhist tradition. King Vikramaditya (of Ujjain, in Madhya Pradesh) and his successors probably ruled the regions just before the city fell to the control of the Huns in the 6th century, and Mihirkula was the most dreaded ruler of the city and the valley. Since then it has been under the siege of different rulers from time to time including Emperor Akbar from Mughals . Pasthun Tribes infiltrated in the 17th century when Durani Empire ruled the city and later in 1814, it was annexed by Raja Ranjit Singh till India was an independent country.


294 Sq. Km.


10,94, 291 (2001)


1585 m (5199 ft)

STD Code


Rain Fall

710 mm (March, April, July, August)


34°5′24″N 74*47′24″E* / *34.09°N 74.79°E*

Srinagar has a sub tropical weather and remains pleasant to cool round the year with exception of winter months when nights are freezing. The maximum temperature recorded varies between 25 to 30⁰C in the months of May to July and low of 11-15⁰C during this period. November to January are coldest months when temperature could dip to below zero at night and 7 to 8⁰C during day time. Due to snow fall, Dal Lake gets frozen at times.

Important Tourist sites :
Dal and Nageen Lake and Shikara (Gondola Boat) rides
Char Chinar and Nehru Park on Dal Lake are picnic spots
Moghul Gardens (Shalimar, Nishat and Chashme Shahi)
Shankaracharya temple perched on a hilltop
Hari Parbat, houses shrine of a Sufi Saint
Hazratbal Mosque
Jama Masjid – oldest in Kashmir

General :

Urdu, Hindi and English are widely spoken in Srinagar. Tourism is one of the major industry.

Kashmiri Shawls, carpets, woolen wears, semi precious stones are other small scale industries and handicrafts.

Travel :

By Air :
Srinagar has flight services from/to Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Jaipur, Jammu, Leh and Mumbai.

By Train :
Jammu is the nearest main Railway station at a distance of 300 km

How to reach Srinagar :
By road, one can reach Srinagar from Jammu (300 km), Leh (434 km), Kargil (205 km), Patnitop (408 km)

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