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Airport/railway Station transfers
Meeting at the airport and railway station is not always easy in India due to large presence of visitors.  We ensure that our efficient staff is there in time and greet you on arrival.  Back up service on 24 x 7 mobile contact is provided to the guests in case of any assistance required.

Sightseeing tours
Our sightseeing tours are conducted by the professional language speaking guides.  Guides are free lancers in India and are provided licence by the Department of Tourism to conduct sightseeing tours. We ensure that guides entrusted are amongst the best, academically and professionally, to educate you well on tourist attractions as well as provide an insight on Indian culture, religion and social structure.

Travel Packages
India is a vast country with diverse terrain, landscape, climate.  The culture differs from one state to the other.  India offers a very wide choice of tours that would attract anybody to spend days to months. Therefore, we have made every endeavour to offer you a great selection of tours from different fields.  Our tours will take you around India to show the best of the best. :

  • Cultural Tours
  • Study Tours
  • Group Tours
  • Wildlife Tours
  • Adventurous Tours
  • Honeymoon Tours
  • and lots more …

Tailored Made Programs
Internet and websolutions have made life easy as well as complicated. You get lots of information on places and sometime it makes you very confused on selection of destination.  When you write to us, we try and understand your needs and compose a programme that would meet your requirement.  All the informations or details featured are not always correct.  Please take advice of the experts to draft your tailored made programmes, and we do attempt that to make your holiday a pleasant experience.

Hotel Bookings
We enjoy good relations with the individual and chain hotels in India; hence are able to provide competitive rates.  We may not be the lowest all the time as hotels do come out with discounted rates depending on the occupaency.  Nevertheless, we are in a position to renegotiated with the hotels from time to time and do care that you pay the less and get the best.   Please contact us on your hotel requirements.Car Rental
Renaissance Reizen holds a fleet of the most luxurious and royal Chauffer driven cars for rent for every city you wish to travel. Our cars and vans are also available at nominal rents to suit to your traveling costs.

Flight Booking
We book tickets on any airline for travel within India or for travel from India overseas.  However, we do not book air tickets originating out of India.   For travel within India or to the neighbouring countries Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Sri Lanka, you can use our services. 

Train Bookings
Train bookings are now easy in India.  E. tickets can be booked for travel anywhere in India.  Train booking is accepted thru internet 90 days in advance for most trains.  Train travel is still the largest mode of travel for Indians; hence booking should be done well in advance.  We can book your train travel only after receiving full payment as tickets must be purchased to book the seats.  The information required is name as in the passport and date of birth.

Wildlife Tours
Wildlife in India is very special.  The forests, terrains, flora and fauna, birds, animals and variety of species found here are very different from rest of the world.  Not only the Tiger, you can also see Lions, Rhinos, Leopards, Cheetals, Deers, Black Antelope, Sambhars and large variety of migratory birds in our parks.   Most protected parks open in India from October for visitors.  Due to monsoon, the parks are declared closed from July to September.  Best time to visit wildlife sanctuaries is from November till April.  Safaris are conducted in jeeps in most of the park while in few sanctuaries, elephant safari is also possible.  We conduct wildlife tours thru India and Nepal.

River Rafting
India offers some of the exciting but not very many destinations for river rafting.  Rishikesh, 225 km from Delhi, is one of the best area for river rafting.  After monsoon when tides are high but not dangerous, the camps on the river bed of Ganges offer rafting trips from one to five days.  The rapids are exciting from Grade II to Grade V.  Other areas where rafting trips are conducted, are Kulu-Manali, Sikkim, Ladakh and for professionals in Assam.

Travel Assistance
We are always available 24 x 7 for any assistance during the trip.  Our briefing and welcome note to the guests provide a complete list of hotels with telephone numbers, local associate contacts, driver's contact and 24 x 7 back up service. 

Quite often, clients have to change the programme due to emergency or business meeting and we are there to assist for re-arranging the programme at the best convenient way.   

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