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Cochin (Kochi) in Kerala is on the important seaports of India in west coast.  It has been the epicenter for trading from the immemorial time.  Portuguese had ruled this city from 1503 to 1530 AD before moving to Goa.  Later Dutch and British had also established themselves. Greeks, Arabs, Jews, Romans and Chinese had also descended here for search of spices. For a short period, Cochin remained under Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore as well.  After 1814 till independence, it was ruled by British.  Cochin became one of the first states of independent India in 1947.

Area   95 Sq. Km.
Population   564,590
Altitude 0 m (0 ft) – sea level
STD Code   0484
Rain Fall  2740mm (Monsoon period end May to August)
Location  9°58′37″N 76°16′12″E / 9.977°N 76.27°E

Climate :

As the city lies on the coast, it has tropical wet and dry climate.  The hottest months are April & May when temperature remains between 30–35 °C during day time.  Winters are mild and temperature remains between 17–20 °C. Outbreak of monsoon is usually towards end May.

Important Tourist sites :
St. Francis Church built by Europeans was the burial spot of Vasco de Gama.  His remains were late taken to Portugal.  Santa Cruz Basilica, originally built by Portuguese in 1505 was destroyed by the British in 1795.  It was reconstructed in 1905 and raised to status of Basilica by Pope John Paul II in 1984. Jewish Synagogue, magnificently decorated, Dutch Palace originally built by Portuguese and later modified by Dutch in 17th century and Bolghatty Palace and Island are the main tourist attractions.  Boat cruise trip around harbour is a good way to explore the islands and above places.

General :
Referred to as gateway to Kerala and economic capital of Kerala, Cochin is an important city. Seafood, spices, shipbuilding, organic and ayurveda products, tourism, IT are the main industries of this state.  People referred to as Malayalis speak English. Malayalam is the official language.  The major number of residents are Hindus followed by Christians (almost 35%) which is highest percentage of Christianity in a single state.  Kerala is one of the states with highest percent of literacy. 

Traveling to Chennai :
By Air : Cochin (Kochi) is an international airport and has flights from Europe, UK, Fareast,  middle-east and Gulf countries. On national network, Cochin has regular flights to Agatti, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Calicut, Mangalore, Trivandrum.

By Train : By train, Cochin can be reached from Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Mangalore, Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore and few other cities.  Ernakulam is the main railway station.

By Road : Alleppey (56 km), Kottayam (76 km), Periyar (180 km), Trivandrum (212 km), Guruvayur (108 km), Munnar (130 km), Trichur (80 km), Coimbatore (185 km), Ooty (300 km), Calicut (224 km), Kasargod (464 km), Kovalam (235 km)

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