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Chennai has been ruled by several dynasties (mostly south Indian) like Pallavas Chera, Chola, Pandavas, Vijaynagar (Hampi rulers). Once the town of Mylapore, now part of Chennai, was a major port. Portuguese arrived here in 1522 and built a port here, called St. Thomas. In 1612, The Dutch reached here and settled north of the then city, near Pulicat. In August 1639, British East India Company bought a piece of land to built a warehouse and a year later, they constructed Fort St. George. In 1746, Fort St. George and Chennai was captured by French. In the year 1749, British regained power and gradually expanded its military and naval base and captured many other neighboring states. Chennai remained under British till India was declared as Independent nation. The state was renamed as Tamil Nadu and Chennai (Madras) as its capital.

Area 174 Sq. Km.
Population 4,616,600
Altitude 216 m (708 ft)
STD Code 040
Rain Fall 1300 mm (mostly between October to mid December)
Location 13°5′2″N 80°16′12″E


As the city lies on the coast, it has tropical wet and dry climate. The hottest months are May & June when temperature remains between 38–42 °C. Winters are mild and temperature remains between 17–20 °C.

Important Tourist sites :
Fort St. Geoerge, built in 1639; Govt Museum – one of the oldest in India; Kamraj Memorial House, MGR Memorial, Thousand Lights Mosque, Marina Beach – 2nd largest in the world, Santhome Cathedral Basilica, Vivekanand House Memorial.

General :
Chennai is a bustling Metropolitan city, has grown rapidly past several years. It has become a major hub of Information and Technology services after Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is also a major centre of Arts. The famous Bharatinatyam Dance originates from here. There are number of Art Centres, Dance faculties which promote the legacy of this state like Kalakashetra, Chennai Music Academy. Annual Dance and Carnatic Music festivals are held in various parts of Tamil Nadu including Mahabalipuram (65 km south on the coast), Chidambaram – the famous site of temple of Lord Shiva (Nataraja) and in Chennai. The language spoken is Telegu and English.

Travel :

By Air :
Chennai has international flights from Europe, USA, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore, most of middle-east countries, Far and south east Asian countries as well. On national network, Chennai has regular flights to every major city and many smaller cities, namely, Trivandrum, Cochin, Madurai, Trichy, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Portblair, and others.

By Train : Long and short distance trains connect this city to almost every small and big city in India. The long distance trains run regularly to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum, Goa, Varanasi, Indore, Bhopal, Ahmedabad and other cities. Other cities which can be traveled to by train are Madurai, Trichy, Rameshwaram, Kanya Kumari, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Vishakhapatna, Puri and many more.

By Road, : Mahabalipuram,(65 km), Kanchipuram (75 km), Pondicherry (162 km), Madurai (462 km), Tanjore (345 km), Trichy (315 km), Bangalore (331 km), Mysore (469 km); Coimbatore (486 km), Thiruvannamalai (165 km); Salem (285 km)

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