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Though many kingdoms have ruled Badami, Chalukyas were the most important. The archaeological evidence proves that they were here in 6th century AD. The Badami was founded by Pulakesi in 540 AD. Some of the best Dravidian style architecture and ancient south Indian with north India nagara style architecture were experimented here. Badami is famous for its cave temples hewn out of sand stone.

Area 10 sq km
Population 25,850 (2001)
Altitude 586 M (1923 ft)
Rainfall 495 mm (June to September)
STD Code 08357
Location 15°55′12″N 75°40′49″E / 15.92°N 75.68028°E / 15.92; 75.68028

Climate :
Badami has tropical weather. Summer season is dry and hot and records low of 23°C and high of 45°C. Winter months November to February is the best time to visit Badami when high temperature is between 28-30°C and low around 15°C.

Places of Interest :
The Cave temple 1 which enshrines Shivalingam dates back to 5th century CE. It has gigantic carvings of Ardhanareeswara and Harira manifestations of Shiva in bas relief. The 2nd Cave can be reached through a flight of 64 stairs from Cave No. 1 and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Temple bears images of Vishnu in his Varaha and Trivikrama incarnations.

The third one, a 100 feet deep cave, carries inscriptions dating this Vishnu temple to 578 CE. Here there are carved images of the Narasimha and Trivikrama avataras of Vishnu. There are also murals depicting the divine marriage of Shiva and Parvati. Cave 4 is dedicated to Jain Tirahankara Parshavnatha in a sitting posture.

The other places of interest are Badami Museum, Fort perched on a hilltop and two temples on the edge of the lake.

Traveling to Badami :

By Air :
Badami does not have any airport. The nearest is Goa, approx. 250 km
By Train : Badami can be reached by train from Bangalore till Hospet or Hubli. From there, local bus services are available to Badami.
By Road :Bangalore (500 km), Hospet (128 km), Bagalkot (30 km), Belgaum (150 km), Bijapur (128), Hubli (132 km), Gulbarga (250 km), Bidar (350 km), Patadakal (32 km), Aihole (46 km)

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